Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I guess for now I'll just keep stinking

While on vacation, I discovered that I am a bather.

Our hotel had a beautiful bath tub. Not a jacuzzi tub, a real tub, made for one person, with the sole purpose of bathing. It was slightly longer than a standard tub, but was deep enough that when full, I was completely submerged. Knees and boobs. And then, to complete this perfect tub, the back was sloped for lounging, and the sides had perfect shelves such that my elbows rested perfectly on them while I read a magazine. I took a bath there at least every second day, with water so hot that I could barely stand it. (I know it's super bad for your skin, but I love the way it feels!)

Now, I am back home. And I miss bathing.

I hate my tiny apartment tub with its twelve inches of water and sharp porcelain edges. I hate trying to balance between soaking my legs and my torso. I've tried a couple of times since we've been home, but it's just not enjoyable. No matter how hot the water is, I can never fully warm up and relax.

Damn those Cubans with their full-bodied cigars, minty drinks and enjoyable bath tubs.


Anonymous said...

Too funny, I JUST got out of the bath, I'm still warm. I Have the same problem! My bath is..hold on, im going to measure it..42"long and about 14" high to the very edge, so yup, like you, have to either try to lie on my side, which means my bum,leg and shoulder are out, my torso submurged but legs either bent or almost completely vertical in the air, or sitting straight up with my legs submerged. HOW FRUSTRATING! I JUST WANT TO RELAX! I try candles, bubbles, quiet music. But nope, all I get is a crook in my neck. When I buy a house, that is a major requirement. IF there isnt one, we're ripping out the entire bathroom. I dont care if there is no toilet as long as i can take a decent bath for once!!!

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that i've never really liked bathing. I just could never really get into it, but i'm sorry this bathing obsession of yours got ruined due to your small bathing facility.