Monday, April 30, 2007


Hey all!!!! Here I am!!! Right here!!! Behind all these boxes!!!

The move went well on Friday - although I'm starting to wish that we had hired unpackers instead of movers. Between sleeping, finding someone to hire, having them tell us they found another job, trying to establish my wireless connection, unpacking, putting together furniture, and trying not to strangle my dogs who become needy little wusses when we move, I find myself still buried in boxes. Good thing our place is so much bigger than the other place.

I am starting to really hate hiring people. People in general are the bane of my existence and make me want to cut off my leg and beat myself in the head with it, but finding someone to work with is particularly horrendous, as it turns out. We always said how lucky we have been finding people, and it turns out we have been. Because now it's a big fat suck.

The problem is, I like routine. I like when things stay the same, and run along smoothly and everything is sunny and right in the world. And the past month has been nothing like that. Not even a little bit. But I'm plugging along.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I am still alive. At least for now. We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning. I walked all day, which was semi-fun, but had its stressful moments (another dog ran away today - we found her, but I'm starting to develop a complex - they only run away on me!). I think the worst thing today happened this morning. I was walking a dog who is really sweet, but not reliable off-leash. We had a very nice walk, sniffing the trees and leaves that have surfaced since the nice melt last week. (Mmmm you know the smell...mmmmm), and I was thinking, awe doggy, you aren't so bad, you get a bad rap. I love you.

Then we saw a little Jack Russell terrier, and Doggy is okay with other dogs, so I thought "let's say hi." Doggy said hi nicely, sniffed nicely, all very nice, then he go SOOOO EXCITED. I've never seen him so excited. It was like he found a bone made of roast beef. And chicken. And cat poo. Anyway, he was spinning and spinning and jumping and spinning like some kind of doggy dervish.

Long story short, I think I dislocated my shoulder. But I'm only starting to feel it now because of the madness of the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I may be dead.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some quick updates

A week and a half until we move. I'm starting to get slightly stressed, although it probably has more to do with the insane amounts of computer issues we have been having. I finally ordered all our phone/cable, etc today, and now just have to finish packing (still throwing out tons of stuff each garbage day). Work has been pretty good- although one of our full-timers is leaving, we found a really great girl who we're really excited to be hiring. That's a load off, but there is still the training to do, which is always complicated. We'll get through it!

Computer-wise, after getting all the data recovered, we decided it was time to get a new computer. I can't say I was that upset with this outcome - I've been wanting to switch to a laptop since we bought the business. However, I was not that excited to get Windows Vista, and it turns out I was right.

This operating system bites the big one.

Not one of the programs we have loaded with it has been fully functional - MSOffice, Acrobat, Blackberry software, Simply Accounting. You know, just all the programs we need to be a functional small business. I have spent the last three days randomly testing different things and surfing the internet trying to find solutions. I'm ready to tear my hair out. Basically, Bill Gates isn't satisfied with ruling the universe, he now just wants to fuck with people and so has made an OS that will only work with like four programs, all of which were launched at the same time as Vista, and all of which cost about a billion dollars.

But it is very pretty.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A bit more calm, I guess

So, the idiot tech guy did nothing for me. Nothing! We dropped the computer off on Monday night at 5:30 and were told the tech guy would be there Tuesday at 10am. At 11am I called to get a progress report and was told the tech guy was on a service visit, and then would be taking lunch, and would be back at 1.

At 1, I tried to call to get an update. I got put on hold for 10 minutes. I hung up and drove over to the store. It took them 20 minutes to send someone to tell me that the tech guy still wasn't back yet. I asked if he had looked at the computer before he left. It took them 10 minutes to find my computer, bring it out, and tell me no one had looked at it yet. Where is the tech guy? I asked. "At lunch, he will be back in five minutes" It's 1:30, I was told he would be back from lunch at 1. "Yes, 1 is when he is usually back" Then how do you know he will be back in five minutes, when he is already half an hour late? "Five, maybe ten minutes, he will be back". Can you call him and see when he will really be back? "No. Five, ten minutes he will be back." Give me my computer.

So, then I'm stressed out AND pissed off.

I get home and SB says that maybe their work tech guy could take a look at it, but he can only come by late afternoon and we will maybe have the data back the next day. This is better than nothing, but my schedule is still not done and I don't know if I've forgotten any Tuesday appointments.

Then I get a facebook message from Ems's Brian: I hear you're having computer problems...

I call him up. He graciously offers to take a look at it, and at the very least he'll hopefully be able to retrieve our data.

Two hours later, I'm home and able to work from my mac. We've decided the old computer is pretty much a write off. I just don't trust it anymore, so don't feel like paying to fix whatever the problem is (it will now start up, run okay for like five minutes, then randomly shut down...) just to have it break down again in a month. So, while we save/figure out where to get money for a new one, we will use mine and SB's computers.

And for the record, Brian Williams is a data extraction guru.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So much stress

I haven't been this stressed in a while. I'm generally a very easy-going person, especially now that I'm back on my meds. But, last week we had some major work done on our Jetta, and then we had some work done on the work van. One of our full time girls gave her notice and will be leaving next month - we're sad. But, I'm glad she gave plenty of notice cause it makes finding someone a bit less stressful. And then our sale was finalized for the condo, which is not stressful, but very exciting - we have our closing in two weeks. Then yesterday our work computer wouldn't turn on and I hadn't done the schedules for this week yet, so I'm hoping that I didn't forget anyone. And I'm hoping that the stupid tech guy can fix it and have it back to me by this afternoon.

Other than that, things are great. We keep throwing out at least three bags full of garbage twice a week, just of stuff that's been sitting around that we're ready to chuck. Or shread. Phone bills from 2001 anyone?

The Sopranos had a GREAT first episode - there was just enough snippets to update us on some of the other characters, but also a good juicy plot.

This week is more packing and cleaning. People are starting to visit the apartment tonight, so we have to actually keep some semblance of normalcy to help our landlady get the place rented. She shouldn't have a problem, it's a pretty great place.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Probably my best discovery in a while - Simon would disagree

Have you ever gotten a little baby kitten, and he's so cute and puffy, and sweet. And then he grows up, and still so cute, and it's time to chop off his balls, and you're okay with that, but they also ask if you want him declawed, and you then face the eternal moral dilemma.

Yes, yes I would love to have him declawed. And my furniture would love it too. But I'm not sure I could live with myself knowing my kitty had been robbed of his claws and first knuckles forever. With no hope of defending himself if he ever escaped. Or for that matter, no hope of defending himself from an ever-grumpy Basset Hound who would later come into his life and become his eternal nemesis.

So you don't have him declawed, and you feel good about it. Until it's 4am and he's sharpening his claws on the wooden doors of your $500 wardrobe. Then you don't feel so good.

I have become increasingly anxious about the claw situation (and other situations too, but don't worry, I'm back on my meds) because we are moving soon (have ya heard?) and are probably getting a bunch of new furniture which we would prefer to not have scratched up. Then I found this.

Cue the angels singing and sunshine through the clouds from above.

These are the best things ever. Guilt-free. Easy to put on (although Simon doesn't love having them put on, it only takes about five minutes to apply them, and five minutes for them to set). And, if your cat is a boy and is really pissing you off, you can get back at him by buying the pink ones. I highly recommend them.