Thursday, January 27, 2011

37 weeks, 3 days

Once again, another boring report.  Everything is great and normal. 

I finished work last Wednesday, and I think this is depressing Tess.  She finds me 100% boring since a) I can't take her to the park and b) I am not a dog.  At least I'm forcing her to get to plenty of cuddle time in before the Insider comes.

I have been procrastinating getting my hospital bags packed.  I have no idea why.  My list has been made for weeks, I picked up a bunch of stuff that I needed, everything should be ready, but it seems like other things keep popping up that have to be done first.

In other random news, I decided to make a quilt for the Insider, at SB's urging.  I have been knitting all kinds of little projects, but I think he was inspired by all the quilts I have that have been handed down through my family.  Anyway, I ordered fabric to make it two weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived.  UGH.  Two weeks I have been waiting - I hate the US postal service.

Lastly, SB took some belly photos this weekend.  Nothing fancy, mostly so The Insider will see what we looked like together.  Anyway, this is my favorite, taken at 36 weeks 5 days:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

36 weeks, 6 days

Seeing as how our life is about to be given over to a tiny alien, I decided that this weekend I would plan a relaxing getaway weekend. However, obviously without the option of actually leaving the city just in case the alien decided to actually land, I had to be slightly creative.

So I booked a surprise two night stay at the Hotel Place D'Armes, the hotel where we got married. I picked him up from work on Friday at 5, after I had already checked in and deposited our luggage in the room (which I packed after he left in the morning). I took him to dinner at The Keg, then made him hide is eyes while I drove around the block and gave the valet at the hotel our keys. We spent the two nights ordering movies, ordering room service, reading, napping, walking around the Old Port, and just generally relaxing. Tess was in the more than capable hands of one of my co-workers for the weekend, so I was able to rest easy knowing that not only is she totally enamored by Liz and would be totally comfortable with her, but also that Liz has her own puppy at home and welcomed the play date/in-house energy burner.

The funniest thing was that at dinner on Friday night, before he knew my whole master plan for the weekend, SB said "I think that after this meal, if the rest of the weekend included nothing but lounging in pjs and not having to take Tess out, I would be in heaven." And that's exactly what it was.

***sidenote: I won't even get into the part about how my co-workers planned a surprise brunch/shower for today, Sunday, at 10:30, and SB had to covertly rearrange their plans to accommodate my surprise for him. The brunch ended up being so sweet and fantastic, and I am so, so sad I'm not joining them all at the work tomorrow. I will have to visit the clinic often throughout the year because I'm already missing it and those ladies!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

36 weeks, 1 day

I missed another week! With this kind of track record, I'm pretty sure I'm going to forget feeding The Insider at least once in the first week of her life.

Still doing relatively great, although yesterday I had my first day of feeling really, actually, honestly pregnant. My legs felt heavy. I had random achyness in my abdomen, back, pelvis, etc. I was tired. I was snappish. I didn't feel like walking to my car after work. SB made me go to bed at 9:30, and after some reading and heating pad I was asleep before 10:30. This morning I felt 200% better, so it seems that rest really IS the solution to most pregnancy discomfort.

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I'm pretty sad, because I love it there and love the people and will miss them tons. I had originally planned on staying on as long as possible, but I was worried about going into labor early and leaving the clinic in the lurch. However, after feeling so terrible yesterday, I'm actually a little glad to be done. I have some crafting plans to get to and lots of reading to do (my Kindle arrived and I think I'm in LOVE!) so I think these weeks will fly by.

Still no name for The Insider either. Her name will be Bobo

Thursday, January 06, 2011

34 weeks, 3 days

Whoops, I missed a week! SB and I were both off last week and spent our time alternating between lazing around and finishing up some decorating projects. (mostly I did the lazing, and he did the projects).

Things are humming along. We still have zero progress on choosing a name. The Insider is still getting bigger and feels more and more like a cat trapped in my belly rather than a trout. We haven't had a doctor's appointment in quite a while (because of the holidays, the clinic wasn't open) but I've been healthy and things seem great so not worried. We go on Monday for a checkup.

I had a fall at work this week which was painful and hilarious, but not worrisome. Basically I missed a small half-step while backing up and fell backwards. My fall was broken by the corner of a door frame, which caught me on my shoulder blade and my butt, then I sort of slid to the floor. I thought it was pretty slap-stick style funny, but my co-workers didn't. Long story short, aside from bruising, everything is great. As if bruising is ever really that great when you're pregnant - as if my body isn't gargantuan enough and hauling it around isn't hard enough, but then add hauling it around trying to avoid aggravating painful bruises. But, it's been three days and it's slowly getting better.

I've started doing baby laundry today (bedding is first!) and am also compiling my list so I can pack a hospital bag. Obviously it's early, however 5 weeks seems like it's going to fly by and this would be one of those things I can see myself putting off. But it's kinda important. Considering the hospital doesn't supply any diapers. Could get messy if I forget the bag.