Sunday, February 25, 2007

Looky looky who's back!!!

Hey there all! Did you miss me? I sure didn't miss you, cause I was on a beach for a week, but now sadly I am back at home.

Cuba was amazing, as always. We had lots of sun, great beach days, the food was reasonably okay (I could never say it was great, no matter where we stayed - buffet is buffet), and all was very relaxing. Except for one thing.


I couldn't even believe it - it showed up on the third day, and is still coming on strong. I thought maybe it was the sun, or the salt water, or something the hotel washed their sheets and towels in. Then I thought maybe it was the rum, so I only drank beer and wine for a whole day. Then it got worse, so I thought maybe it was the beer, so drank only rum all day. But I just kept itching and itching. And am still itching. I took some photos of it one day, so once I upload I will post them. I cannot be allergic to Cuba. I will not. I refuse.

So, drugged up on Benedryl, I was unfortunately not very exciting as far as travelling companions go, but I think my mom had a very fun trip, and finally got to relaxing by the end of it.

Our return travel was a bit tiring - we left Cuba Friday night/Saturday morning at 4:20am, so got to Montreal around 8am Saturday, then I had a hundred million things to start working on for the business, which is still in operation after my week away thanks to SB's valiant efforts. Then we went out for dinner to my mom's favorite restaurant here, then it was time for my Mommy's Christmas/birthday gift, the Rod Stewart concert. I am not a huge Rod Stewart fan, but my mom has loved him forever. It was actually a really great show, he played mostly old songs, and I knew most of the words. We had loads of fun, and took lots of photos and some video.

Then we went home and I finally got to have some sleep.

So that's what's been going on. I have tons of little stories from vacation, I'm sure, so once my photos are up, I will start posting about that. For now, it's time for some Benedryl, and the good awards are starting on the Oscars.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Deja vu

Remember last year, when I went on a lovely Cuban holiday, and the night before we left I got a ticket for running a red light?

And the year before that, when I went on a lovely Cuban holiday and came back with severe bronchitis from a cold I caught on the plane on the way there?

I just got a ticket for speeding. Three days before my departure, but I think within the same week is enough to prove that the fates are not happy when I am happy and going on vacation.

Monday, February 12, 2007

While you were having a wonderful weekend...


Dying, I say.

Or at least had a very, very bad cold. Which I still have, but am fighting raucously whilst trying to prepare for air travel on Friday. I have flown with a head full of snot before, and it sucked hard.

So, Friday I woke up pretty much blown down, with a runny nose and zero energy. I had no walks, so that was a blessing, but it just kept getting worse and worse. I NyQuilled. I DayQuilled. I moaned about how I was on Death's doorstep. Sexy Boyfriend seemed indifferent.

Today I woke up feeling slightly better than I have been, meaning I wasn't leaking anymore. But then while I was dropping off the doggies from my group I was sucking on a cough drop (the menthol gets the sinuses moving), and I had one of those moments when you inhale at the exact moment that a bit of saliva is there, and then you feel like you are drowning, and then I had a coughing fit. The dogs thought it was very fun. Almost as fun as when I turn on the rear windshield wiper and scare them.

So, now I can't talk without squeaking. I will be taking more NyQuil in about twenty minutes and climbing into bed.

Which, by the way, is extra comfy because SB and I bought new pillows this weekend!!! I thought it might be good to get out of the house on Saturday (which, by the way, was so not a good idea and left me in a clammy sweat), and we had been meaning to use our Bay gift cards. They had a pillow sale, and bam, here we are with four new pillows and a whole lot of great sleep. I have been a goose down girl for a very long time, but recently began thinking that they may be contributing to my allergies, (probably not to down, but maybe the dust mites that like to live in there), so the new pillows are poly-fill and hypoallergenic. I love them.

Ya, way more then you needed to know about my bedroom, but how often does something this exciting happen?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cuba in one week - WooHooo!!!!

So, ya, one week til vacation. I was kinda not thinking about vacation a lot, and wasn't really excited cause I never thought about it. But the last two weeks have been crazy burning hell. So now I'm VERY excited that next week is vacation. Very.

Charlie is still not showing signs of rabies since his showdown with the squirrel last week. Hard to tell since the vet said to watch for "A weird smell from the bite site" (his mouth - which always reeks) and "aggressive behavior". Hello, this dog has bit me at least five separate times. Anyway, so far no paralysis, and no foaming from the mouth. Awesome.

We've taken on like five million new clients in the last two weeks! Actually, probably like five new dogs, but whatever, I feel like I'm always running around town meeting them. I think that this sudden rush has been spurned by the ungodly frigid weather we've had lately and the fact that no one actually wants to be outside except for dogs. I hope they stay on through the spring and summer.

I went to yoga the other night for the first time with Nazi yoga guy (I have been avoiding him and taking classes with the other instructors instead). It was sooooooo hard. I'm pretty sure he pumps the heat higher than he's supposed to. Anyway, I thought I was going to die. But I didn't. I'm pretty sure I'll be ready for yoga again tomorrow. With one of the normal instructors.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The funniest/saddest thing I've seen in a while

The other day on the group walk I brought my two mutts with me, and we met up with the other group walker and all walked together. We were having a lovely time, and everyone was happy, until we noticed that one of the doggies run towards something in the woods. Maria screamed "Aaaah - he's got a squirrel!!!!"

At first I thought it was a dead squirrel, which happens all too often, but then the dog dropped the squirrel, and it was moving around and stuff. Yuck. A bunch of dogs had converged on the area, so I ran in to get them away and shoo them back onto the trail. Then my genius dog, Charlie, tried to sniff Dying Squirrel, got a little too close, and the Dying Squirrel latched onto his lip.

Picture, if you will, a high-strung Basset Hound (I know, that in itself is difficult to imagine) flopping his head back and forth with the most worried look I've ever seen, trying to shake free Dying Squirrel who has a death grip on his face. After a few seconds Dying Squirrel finally let loose, and I was able to grab Charlie by the collar and drag him away.

I feel bad that we had to leave the squirrel there suffering (I'm pretty sure it was already sick or dying to be on the ground in the first place for the first dog to catch hold of it), but I thought it was more important to get the dogs out of there so it didn't die while being ripped to pieces. However, as sad as that is, I would pay anyone at least $100 for a video of that 10 seconds Charlie had the squirrel stuck to his face.