Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hurricane Summertime

So, apparently last Thursday was the first day of our busy season. No one called to inform me that Busy Season would be starting a few weeks early. But whatever. Thanks for that.

I really enjoy meeting people who really care about their pets. That's probably the thing I like the most about this time of year - people who want us to visit their cat twice a day even though Fluffy is terrified and hides under the bed the whole time leaving us to do our little chores and then just hang out. I love those people. And not just because they are great customers who believe in using professional sitters instead of asking Great Aunt Joan to come by. Great because they love their pets, and are fun, and they appreciate us. So that's one thing I love about this time of year - cause right now I'm getting calls left and right for new client meetings, and it's actually pretty exciting.

Aside from that, this is a crazy time of year. Full of cancellations, vacations for staff (theoreticaly before the Busy Season - thanks for coming early Busy Season!), last minute additions, last minute key drop-offs/pick-ups, and I'm sure we will end up with some kind of vehicular issue. Last year during this time we were taking over the business (one year today - woohoo!), having a few, hmm, staffing issues, and generally just trying to get our legs beneath us before the whole thing took off without us. After a year, I feel we are chugging along pretty nicely. We've tried all kinds of different promotional stuff to get growing, gotten to know lots of other great service providers, and come up with a pretty fabulous group of ladies for our team. I feel pretty great. I think we are far from finished growing, and I'm so happy doing this job.

So, let this be a lesson - all it takes to be happy in life is:

a)doing something you hate for long enough

b) doing something you think you can live with, but realize you can't

c) losing your mind

d) a stroke of luck finding your dream job

e) another stroke of luck to be able to take over the company of that dream job and be your own boss.

That's it. Easy recipe, huh?

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