Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He's wastin' away

Our dogs are both quite whiny, but for very different reasons.

Charlie likes to whine when he is staaaaarrrrrrvvvvving. They usually eat between 6-6:30pm, so that means he starts whining at 6:31. I'm hunnnnnnngry. When is someone gonna feeeeeeeddd meeeeee? I could diiiiiiiiiiie. Tonight I am heading out for drinks, and I'm not sure when SB will be home, so I'm holding off feeding them until right before I leave. It will keep them occupied for about 2.87 seconds while I sneak out the back door. So, for the last 23 minutes, there has been the whining, as Charlie sits in front of the patio door (not even smart enough to whine in the kitchen, where the food is) staring into space and whiiiiiinnnnnning.

Gabby whines all the rest of the time.

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