Thursday, April 24, 2008

This and That

11 days until Paris.


I will not bore you with the list of things I am seriously worried about, because they are all work related. Let's just say I am having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I should keep a pad and pen by the bed so I can write down what I am worried about forgetting and then just let it go.

I would love to do a little shopping before we leave. I have accumulated a few new tops in the last month or so, but my Paris wardrobe still leaves much to be desired. I need clothes that are comfortable and not too hot because we will be walking a lot. Also need them to be machine washable, since we have a washing machine there and I would prefer to pack less and wear things more than once. Also, stuff should be kinda cute, because I would like to look kinda nice in vacation photos for once in my life. What I really need at the moment are a couple of great cardigans. Light ones that I can layer over a T-shirt, but that don't wrinkle easily so I can stuff them in a backpack if I get too hot. My friend Ems said she went looking for some cardigans last week and had no luck, so if anyone knows where we can find a great one right now, we would both appreciate it.

I got my hair cut this week too. I hadn't had it cut since my birthday last year (!), so was definitely due, but I have been struggling to decide whether I should chop it off or let it grow. Finally I just decided it need a big freshening before vacation (always a mind to what those photos will look like!) and my stylist helped me decide on keeping the length, but adding lots of layers. I'm pretty pleased, and I also know that when I get back if I feel like chopping it off for summer, the layers will still work with that too.

I have to get going - I have my dog group today which is interesting because I only have the Jetta this week. Usually I take 3 specific dogs, and then more if necessary, but this week I am only taking two. One of them is a bit grumpy when things are cramped, so even though I'm sure I could fit the three of them in the backseat of the car, I have decided to play it safe. I have been prepping for Paris the last two weeks so haven't seen them. I can't wait!

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