Thursday, May 22, 2008

A few days late...

Sorry. I got sidetracked with all the relaxing and the vacationing. As promised, some photos from the Versailles palace:

A beautiful hall that is not open to the public, so we actually got a fabulous photo:

An interesting fashion choice:

(yes, those are open-toe, in case you were wondering).

There are gorgeous statues everywhere - just like at home!

The highlight of the day:

Some teenager dropped her cell phone, and SB was the only eagle-eyed observer who noticed. She was running around with a group of other teen girls, and SB chased after them to give it back. My hero.

The whole Palace was pretty amazing. I had been before, but didn't do the audio-guided tour, which was really interesting. I wonder if I can download a copy of that somewhere so I can figure out which photos are from which rooms?

The number of photos we have are completely overwhelming me at the moment. I am very glad I took the time at the end of most days to sit down and label them all, but sharing them is a bit slow. I have posted some on facebook but believe me, there are hundreds and hundreds more. Hundreds. I promise I will never make anyone sit and look at every single one.

I'm quite glad we took so many photos. We have tons that are viable framers, and, coincidentally, we have three giant walls in our main living area with no photos on them. The lady with the socks is a prime candidate for the head of the dining room.

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