Friday, October 31, 2008

And then the snow fell, and then I died.

Wow, either I have zero readership or you guys really stink at travel advice!

I have had yet another complaint from the peanut gallery (this time NOT Mummy - thanks Mummy! - but SB! that's right, I'm calling you out!) that not only do I not post enough, but that when I do all I do is complain.

I would beg to differ. These last posts have been full of joy! and exuberance! and excitement! at the upcoming nuptials (finally!). And the rest, well, that's my life, and when something is really fantastic, I'm not stewing about it with a seething need to get it off my chest, I'm enjoying it. And when something sucks and makes me want to hang myself from our balcony, well, then I see it as prudent to try and write about it to work out my feelings before actually knotting the rope. So, I think that you could take my lack of posting as an indicator that life is pretty swell.

This week is not swell. This week I am tempted to sell my condo and buy a shack in the woods and never leave except for milk and eggs and good wireless connection. And this week is long. And it snowed this week.

So, keep those (or at least one) honeymoon destination ideas coming, be thankful you aren't a small business owner, and dig out your mittens and hats.


Anonymous said...

Top 3 North American Choices:
1. Winnipeg- what would be more fun than visiting with super cool friends and a screaming baby on your honeymoon?
2. Napa Valley- a coworker recently got marriend there and they had a wonderful time. Also, have you seen the movie Sideways? Rent a convertible and drive from vineyard to vineyard? Being careful you don't get a DUI!
3. Georgia coast- it's on the Atlantic, gorgeous, warm. Downside is the american southern mentality but if you can get past that...

I will think about the off continent choices and write those later. So excited that you have picked a date and are having fun planning. Yahoo! Jill

Jules said...

while Winnipeg IS enticing, we'll have to think about that one....

But Napa is really attractive to us too - I've heard it is beautiful, and we love love love Sideways....