Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh, ya....

I know, I know, two posts in one day - I'm such an attention whore. But I was running and thought of something that I had been meaning to blog about.

I cannot for the life of me figure out who the hell is in charge of choosing theme music for sporting events. It was something that I realized really bothered me last week while watching the Super Bowl, and then we went to a hockey game on Wednesday and it came up again. SB doesn't seem to understand my outrage, but let me set the scene for you.

Super Bowl. A commercial comes on for the NFL draft - they ran several throughout the night. I don't know any of the players, but they were apparently showing pretty key guys during their moment of their NFL draft year. Putting on the jersey for the first time, shaking hands with the owners, blah blah blah. And what song are they playing?

Wake Up, by the Arcade Fire.

Think about it for a second.

Does it seem strange to you that they are celebrating and promoting a very pivotal moment in an athlete's career, the moment where all the hard work and dedication and all that jazz culminates in earning them that shot at the dream, that they are celebrating all this with a song about being emotionally beaten down as a child and growing up mal-adjusted. Huh.

Next scene:
Habs game.

The visiting team skates out to boos and the like. Then to bring the Habs players out two young kids (maybe 10-13 yrs old, I can't be sure because, kids, who needs 'em?) take the ice (which has been darkened and there are swirling spotlights) and what song are they playing to get everyone pumped up?

Fix You, by Coldplay.

Yes, let's get this party started with a song about dealing with a loved one trapped in the clutches of a dangerous depression.

Does it really take so much effort to LISTEN to the lyrics, to see what the song actually says? Stop being so lazy sports marketing people!!!!

Because, seriously, at the hockey game I got goosebumps, but not for the right reasons.


Anonymous said...

Guilty. I would likely be the worst offender for this if given control of the dj booth. I am notorious for not listening to lyrics rather, I like "the beat". Case in point: I was making a playlist to go with a slideshow for a luncheon I'd organized for my professional association. I thought I'd like to have a Manitoba theme so I had "Wheat Kings" by the Hip on the list. Keith pointed out that it might not be so appropriate since it wasn't actually in fact about wheat fields farmers but about David Millgard's wrongful conviction. Who knew?
We're introducing Chloe to all generes of music and I'm really beginning to realize I need to pay attention to the lyrics. We're big fans of the Notorious BIG. I watched his movie, listend a bit more closely some lyrics. Turns out he was actually a pretty big a-hole who doesn't have much respect for women. But what gansta does? Still, love the beat and dance shamelessly around the kitchen singing to my kid about bitches and hoes...How are your goosebumps now? :)

Jules said...

nonsense! All babies should have an appreciation for bitches and hos. She can sort out the rest for herself later!