Friday, November 26, 2010

28 weeks, 4 days

Here is the latest belly photo:
Taken this morning. To me, looks exactly like the LAST belly photo I posted. Although my pants would beg to differ. Maybe because I'm wearing black?

I have begun the prep work to The Insider's Lair. Yesterday I filled all the holes in the walls (the previous owner was a BIG fan of drywall anchors, which makes for very heavy patching), and today I will give the walls and baseboards a wash. I may even paint the trim today....although after dragging the contents of the room into our dining room, I'm already pretty exhausted. We'll see. Nesting fail.

We have yet to have even one conversation about possible name choices. I have been slowly building a list (I've gotten through A-M so far!) but I don't think SB has been working on his yet. In this respect, it would have been much easier if the Insider were a boy, since I have had a boy's name picked for years.

Tess says she is compiling some name selections, but will only tell them if we are really stuck.

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

You still have time before nesting! I just started in my 35th week to nest. :)

And now, 36 weeks tomorrow, I'm nesting BIG TIME!

Your pup is sooo cute ;)

Can't wait to hear what name you end up choosing! I'm sure it'll suit her nicely.

Hubby & I had a very hard time this time - as it's our 3rd boy. Boys are hard to name... and then on top of it... a 3rd one!? LOL

Have a great weekend!