Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lists about pregnancy

Things I miss about being pregnant:

1.  Being fat for a reason:  For the most part I liked the way I looked and felt while pregnant.  Post-pregnancy....Ugh, let's not talk about that again for a while.

2.  Having people do stuff for me.  Not that I was one of those "hey, can you lift that, I'm pregnant" people, or at least I don't think I was.  But the fact that people would offer.  I liked that.  Also, having SB be in charge of the litter box.  I loved that one.  Even though he always cleaned it anyway, for 10 months I didn't have to feel so bad about not doing it.  Now I have to feel guilty again.

3.  Eating what I wanted.  Except for sushi, and rare steak, and booze.  If I was hungry, I ate.  Which is probably why I'm hating my post-pregnancy body, come to think of it.

4.  Napping for a reason.  No one ever questioned my napping.  Now M is constantly harassing me that I try to nap too much.  She's a stickler for that. 

5.  Rubbing my own belly.  Whatever, I liked it, so what.

Things I don't miss:

1.  Not being able to run.  Yoga was great and all, but I missed running a lot.  And now I'm finding it so hard on my body to get back into it.  So, so hard.

2.  Trying to put on my shoes.  Being pregnant in the winter made this extra annoying.  My winter boots have a lot of LACES.  And I work we had to change our shoes when we arrived and left, so I couldn't even cheat and just wear sneakers and freeze my feet off for five minutes.  At least my feet didn't swell up, I guess.

3.  Sleeping on my back. 

4.  Not being able to drink booze or eat sushi or raw/rare steak.  (in the last month or two I took some liberties on the steak and sushi, and I did occasionally drink wine, but it's still not the same)

5.  Feeling movement.  I found it really, really strange actually.  Like I swallowed a bowl full of goldfish.  The only thing I found really cool was when she would kick and I could see it.  But that was more because I felt like I could star in a sci-fi movie without all the special effects.


Jallápenno said...

I had fuzzy slip on shoe-boots that I wore all winter. They were merrells, and they were awesome. I loved being pregnant for the most part. That said, I can't possibly imagine adding another bundle of joy to the herd.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

You are too funny. Do you guys plan on having any more kids?

Jules said...