Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Home Home

Well helloooooo there.

I have been writing semi-regularly over at the Mama blog. I have not been writing here. But fear not, as this is not the only writing I am neglecting. I haven't written a spot of fiction...hmmmm..since the kid was born. I've been antsy about it lately. I need some alone headspace, which doesn't exist anymore. My head is full until I'm alone, and I'm only alone in the car. Driving. To work. We'll figure it out.

But this post isn't about my woes, this post is about how summer is here and how HOLY EFF our house is awesome. We "garden" (loose term, there, because I wouldn't call what I do gardening so much as Hacking At the Old Stuff that's Planted There), we mow.

M in the hammock she got me for Mother's Day
 We play, we lounge, we clean the pool, we swim, we chase the toddler, we chase the dog/cat.


Marlowe's first dip in her pool
Trying to convince Tess she likes to swim in the pool

We have discovered that we basically live at a cottage. A lovely, fully functional cottage with our own private oasis. Marlowe plays with rocks and watches beetles and points to the trees and the sky. We hear frogs singing in the forest at night.

I think we love living here. It's easy to say that after only six months, but it has been pretty great. It makes the toils of the week worth it. Especially when you can sneak in a 6pm schoolnight swim.


Kerry said...

When can we visit!?

Vivian said...

Blissful... you are lucky!