Monday, July 24, 2006

Girl's Night

I had been postponing a birthday celebration with my friends because I thought I might want to throw a barbecue at my house, with big burgers and lots of alcohol and general merriment all around. I finally clued into the fact last Wednesday that I have zero time in my schedule right now, so if I wanted to actually celebrate this year at all, dinner out was probably a better idea. So, on short notice, I sent out the invite to my closest friends, three of whom were able to make it. I was sad that my other friends couldn't come, but totally understood because I'm a flake lately and last-minute is not exactly convenient.

We had SO MUCH FUN! Four girls, just chatting and drinking and sharing good food and good conversation. I'd forgotten the value of actually physically being around people, not just phone conversations and email. For example, telling someone about how you were in the middle of your meal, and suddenly the drunk woman at the next table gets up to leave, then falls into you, practically headbutts you and grabs your boob to try and hold herself up, and then comes back like five minutes later and scares the crap out of you trying to say she's sorry, but leans in a bit too close in doing so. And then the guy at the table behind you gets up and says to you "I thought she was going to try to headbutt you again!" That's hilarious. But I'm not sure if it's just hilarious because I was there, watching it happen to Ems, or if it will translate in print.

All of this to say, thank you so much to my sweet, dear friends. I had a fabulous birthday/new business celebration. I hope that we can start a routine of getting together far more often, and next time I am definitely bringing a camera.


Anonymous said...


I had such a good time (including the woman feeling me up). We love you and were glad we could celebrate with you. Just imagine what fun we could have on vacation in January.


Kerry said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I wish so much that we lived closer so we could get together. I miss you. Congrats on the new business!
Keep in touch.