Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Next, I'll be frying them eggs and making them salads

I've switched my dog's food (rather, am in the process of switching) and they seem happy enough with their new holistic food. And I feel better, except when the New Food Farts come, because those suck.

I've been reading a little more about holistic vs. premium dog foods, and was surprised at how little "premium bashing" I found, however wasn't surprised that the term by-products loosely defined means anything that ever came from an animal ever. Also found that these by-products also come from meat deemed not fit for human consumption because it's either too old, rotten, contaminated with something, etc. Obviously I'm not an expert, and obviously premium food can't be so bad for your animals because the vast majority of animals eat premium or grocery store food, and live, you know, a while, but I really feel better about switching them. Plus I found a great Canadian brand that is the same price as the Science Diet I was buying before. It's called Holistic Blend and they seem to like it.

Enough about my new weird hippie-like tendencies.

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