Sunday, August 20, 2006

A ravenous hunger

I'm not sure I really have a whole lot to write about, but it's been a while since I posted, and sometimes just getting started writing brings out a whole lot of stuff.

Sexy Boyfriend bought me a new bike yesterday. I know, CRAZY!!! Last week I just was like, why don't I have a bike? Why don't I bike? It could be fun. And when I said that to him, he was like, "I will buy you a bike." Like he's been waiting 8 years for me to have this epiphany and by god it has finally happened and we will not let this moment pass. I love my new bike. It is very pretty and shiny and blue, but that is not to say that the first time I fall off of it I will not have to fight the urge to throw it into the street. (Because when I was 8 I got a new bike, The Shooting Star, to replace my Blue Angel bike, which was my first two-wheeler. Shooting Star was bigger, and I fell off in the driveway. Then I picked it up, as if I was going to get back on, and I think for 2.2 seconds my mom thought I was off and running, then I threw it down onto the asphalt and screamed "I hate this bike." Proud moment for her, I'm sure.)

I am also going to go to a Bikram Yoga class this week. There is a studio by SB's work, and they offer a trial week for $20, unlimited classes. I'm sure after trying to force my body into a pretzel I won't be able to move for several days, so essentially it will be $20 for one class, but maybe, just maybe I'll be able to squeak a second one in there.

Two days ago I read an article about holistic pet food and why you should spend all that money on it. For the past two days I've been picturing my dogs eating chicken assholes and beaks, and brains, then, then, if hot-dog standards were not bad enough, there is often parts of dead dogs in the mix. WHAT? From an article I read in a local paper: "remains of euthanized animals who wound up in rendering plants." WHAT????!!!! I am so skeeved right now. So, much to SB's chagrin, I think I will be changing what my dog eats. And even though whenever I say "I will pay for it, just feed Charlie whatever, and I will pay to feed Gabby what I think she should have" he always thinks it's too much of a hassle and ends up splitting the tab anyway.

And finally, I literally feel like I am starving to death. I have had non-stop hunger since like three o'clock this afternoon, and it won't go away. Since then I have eaten a quarter chicken, fries, coleslaw, and that terribly weird half-hamburger bun thing they serve alongside at St. Hubert. Also had a fudgsicle, some Meli Melo (I hate the shreddies), and some plain chips. Plus I've drank like two diet Pepsis and a diet Green Tea Iced tea thing drying to fill myself with fluids. And it doesn't help that we have zero healthy snacks in the house, cause then I just eat chips and shit like that. I even thought I would compromise and make some nachos (1 part not-so-bad corn chips, one part fabulous vegetables, one part ooey gooey cheesy goodness), but then I found that we are out of cheese. Did you hear me? OUT OF CHEESE!!! How is this possible? What kind of humans are we? I almost cried. (To clarify, we are not completely out of cheese, but I draw the line at Brie nachos, Kraft Singles nachos, or Vache qui Rit nachos. No thanks.)

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Jallápenno said...

I was horrified there for a minute, I thought that there were dog bits in hot dogs. That would just be too much. I think the thought alone is enough to make me never buy another weiner though. I do buy them sometimes for Grant at the market, I feel a little better about those ones.
I buy my dear kitties the fancy vet food because one of them has bladder crystal issues. I don't know if vet food is any better than regular food though, as far as rendering plant stuff.