Monday, December 17, 2007

And so there it is

Of course we get a major blizzard the day of our holiday party. Everybody still made it, which was awesome, and the food was great, restaurant was quiet, it was pretty great. After the party we drove home one of our employees and decided to help her dig out the work van from the alley where she parked it so that it wouldn't have to be dug out in the morning.

Three hours later, we finally got our truck into the alley (forging the path - probably about 100 yards) unstuck the van from the parking spot (requisite "digging out" that anyone with a car has to do at least once), unstuck our truck while trying to turn it back around (alleys are narrow y'all, and forward motion tends to work better when trying to gain momentum), drove our truck out of the alley, and drove the van out of the alley.

When we got home I begged SB to just ram the truck into any random snowbank and that I would worry about digging it out in the morning. He obeyed for about 7 minutes - I showered, then under pretense of walking the dogs he went back outside. Such a sweetie. Made my morning much easier today, that's for sure, but I sure did feel guilty.

One plus to shoveling snow in the bitter cold for three hours is that you get to see how warm your Uggs really are. Very warm. And my feet didn't get wet inside, either. Amazing. I highly recommend them - cute and practical.

Now we wait for them to remove the snow. Last time it took a week. If it takes a week this time, you may just see me on the news wanted for homicide.

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