Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is anyone else obsessed with Watchmen?

No, not the nineties band. (Who I actually quite liked in the nineties, but then where did they go?)

The movie, Watchmen, based on the graphic novel.

We saw this preview when we went to see The Dark Knight, and I was absolutely stricken by it. I have never even heard of this graphic novel, which apparently came out in the 80s (take THAT nineties Watchmen), but this movie looks amazing. I have never picked up a graphic novel in my life and I am dying to read this one, but don't see it available at any of the usual suspects (chapters, indigo, etc) so may have to search in used bookstores.

It is the same director as the movie 300, so it is really stunning. No huge names in it (Billy Crudup is the biggest, I think, and some kid who was in Harry Potter). The trailer gives me chills every single time. It also helps that the music in the trailer is awesome - a Smashing Pumpkins song that was originally much faster, but has been slowed for a really eerie feel.

Watch the trailer here. I watch it almost daily.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I totally want to see it! I saw the preview during the latest Batman Movie.

Anonymous said...

I actually am obsessed with the Wathcmen. And yeah, the 90's band! I can't say I'd heard of the movie but now will keep my eye out. The band is from Winnipeg and they actually aren't together anymore. The split up about 3 years ago and we actually went to their last concert. Loved it! The lead singer put out a new cd with under a new name but haven't heard anything recently. Totally random but I have meaning to comment on this post for awhile!