Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Oh, hi.

Ya, so I totally forgot to mention that we have a new guest in our little retirement community.

As of November, we had a 14 and a 13 year old dog. One of them has serious arthritis and can barely make it up the stairs for her twice daily walks. She frequently falls in her own pee puddle while walking. The other one gets increasingly grumpy as time passes and has a gross abscess thing that periodically grows and explodes. They both like when we rub their bunions. They also send our 8 year old cat to the store to pick up their smokes and gin.

Since we are so into the geriatric set, we (I) decided it would be a good idea to adopt a senior kittizen. Meet Osha:

You may recognize Osha since he has been featured on my blog before. Yup, I finally stole him.

No, I didn't actually steal him, but his owners are splitsville, and one of them only wants one cat and one of them doesn't want any cats. His brother got to stay, and this little cuddlebutt got to come stay with us.

He is 18 years old, and has one slightly lazy eye.

He also had a snaggle tooth when he moved in, but it fell out in the first three days he was here. SB was very disappointed and wanted to return him.

He has a nervous tick and blinks a lot.

Last week he had what we think was a seizure. One minute of us thinking he was a goner, then he was totally back to normal. (His new nickname is Grand Mal).

He has asthma, and some respiratory disorders so he is often congested, coughs, and gets a lot of boogers.

He also runs like a raccoon:

I love him so much he makes my heart explode everytime he looks at me.

Simon is adjusting - he is used to cats who want to play, and he is desparate to get Osha to play chase with him. But Osha is old, so usually after a few bats to the head he loses interest and goes to bed. Last night I caught Simon licking his face - after about ten licks he turned his head and lightly bit him on the neck. Osha hit him a few times and walked off. Then Simon leaned over and tried to bite Osha's tail. I stopped him, but I love that he is so determined. He's like "They brought you here to play with me, get on it! I will have you fired...."

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