Thursday, January 08, 2009

Buy me a video game.

I have become slightly addicted to Super Mario Galaxy. I'm not ashamed to admit it. And it's not like I spend the whole day playing, which, although tempting, I am able to refrain from. However, there have been near smackdowns this week as SB is also slightly addicted to NHL 2K9 for the Wii too. And you can only play one game at once, you know.

Santa brought 2K9 for SB - we had rented it and he loved it. Then we had received an HBC gift card for xmas, so we bought Galaxy, which we had also rented. But, there are some games that I can't rent, and am desparate to try.

Mario Kart - Actually, probably not a great idea since my number one challenge when playing any video game is my steering (poor James Bond is constantly getting stuck in corners then blown to bits, sorry dude). But it just looks so FUN! They were sold out when we bought Galaxy, otherwise it may have been a tough choice.

Guitar Hero - all my friends who have played this are totally addicted. And I totally don't want the full band set up, just the two guitars - we have clients who have the full band and there is no way in heck I want all that crap in my apartment. But two guitars I think we can handle. There is a specific bundle I want to buy and Best Buy keeps being sold out. Plus, I've never tried the game so not sure it's actually worth it, or if it's just hype.

Anyway, video game speak over. This weekend we will be attending a wedding show, most likely our last one! We have to finalize a DJ (don't even get me started on this, I'm at the end of my rope with one guy and totally losing it), and look at some options for flowers and cake. Mmmmmm cake. We have chosen invitations, photographer is done, venue is done, dress is ordered, my sister has her dress ordered, best man has been asked. Things are moving along.

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