Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 things you hear about weddings - T/F

1. the day flies by too fast - TRUE! - I got up at 8:30 and before I knew it it was 3am and time for bed. From hair appointment, to lunch, to makeup, to getting dressed to ceremony to dinner to dancing, the only part that felt like it was dragging on was the 30 minutes between the time my mom and sister went downstairs to welcome people until the coordinator called to cue my grandfather and I to join them. This 30 minutes was useful since I think Papa was nervous and I got him to drink a glass of wine and tell the photographer a few stories to loosen up a bit.

2. You won't get to eat - FALSE! - we ponied up for a fantastic menu and I was determined to enjoy it. I did, however, learn quickly not to leave my seat until I was done with my plate after my salad was removed while I was gone saying hi to a table of friends. After that I didn't leave my plate without specific instructions to someone to keep an eye on it and not let anyone take it away.

3. People will be upset if you don't follow "the rules" - FALSE! - we had no official cake cutting, no garter toss, no bouquet toss and our entrance song was "Swagga' Like Us" and people couldn't stop raving about what a fantastic time they had.

4. You won't even notice when small details go wrong - FALSE! - it bothers me that no one arranged my dress at during the ceremony (my fault - didn't assign the task), the ceremony didn't end up videotaped (Eric's fault - didn't assign the task), we didn't get to try the hors d'oeuvres (venue's fault, they sent up cheese and fruit instead), and the DJ effed up our first dance song and my mother/daughter song (DJ's fault and the reason why, even after a great night of partying, I didn't give him a tip). But, it just bothers me. It didn't ruin the day for me. There are soooo many other things that were either perfect or better than expected that I really can't dwell on those other things.

5. Your tasting will always be better than the food the day-of - FALSE!!! - the food was actually better than when we originally tasted it, which is incredible, impressive, and had me regretting my change from steak to chicken.

6. You won't feel like doin' it on your wedding night - TRUE!!! - my dress was heavy and I think I sweated off about 40 pounds. At the end of the night I just wanted a shower and some sleep. We did, however, finish off the cheese plate from before the reception and talked about the highlights of the day while they were still fresh.

7. Your photographer is invaluable - TRUE!!! - all our friends and families had their cameras, but we just saw the photogs photos and they were amazing. Also, we had them set up a photobooth and I think my favorite photos of the night are from there. Their photos are so great, I feel like I can relive the whole day just by flipping through them. And that's exactly how it should be.

8. You won't have time to socialize/have fun - FALSE!!! - we specifically invited less people so that we could enjoy time with every single guest, and still get our boogie on. I have a great memory with every single person who was there, and that's just how I wanted it.

9. No wedding is complete without the Chicken Dance/YMCA/etc - FALSE!! - the only remotely cliche song we played was "Celebrate" (good times, come on!) - our DJ thought we were weird because there was a lot of Puff Daddy, Notorious BIG, etc. Whatever, people were DANCING and that's all we wanted :)

10. You will feel different after becoming Mr and Mrs. - FALSE - I don't. I still love SB more than anything, I still love our life together, and I still love sharing every part of my life with him. The only thing that is different is the fact that we don't have to plan a giant party anymore. Until our first anniversary!

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