Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have been wondering for a while how I would approach this. And now the time is here and I am no closer to having a clue how I should say it. So I guess I should just come out with it already.

I'm knocked up.

The baby is due on Valentine's Day. I am 13 weeks along right now, and haven't had a stitch of morning sickness however have taken to going to bed at approximately 7pm since I'm exhausted.

Also, before you ask:
1) yes we planned it
2) yes we're pretty excited
3) yes we're very terrified
4) yes we will find out if it's a boy/girl
5) No, we won't name the baby after you
6) No, I won't suddenly start feeling comfortable around other people's babies
7) yes, I'm considering a nanny until that baby can hold its head up alone
8) yes, I'm already fat
9) no, you can't touch my belly.

I'm not sure what else to say at this point.


Allie said...

Glad to see this! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

And yeah, I didn't feel comfortable around other people's babies until like two months ago and Emerson is 19 months old. And still newborns freak me the heck out. They are like little wrinkled aliens that know too much. But somehow when it's yours you figure out how to hold it and stuff and realize they aren't that fragile and they look at you all knowing when you're all thumbs, telepathatically (sp) telling you it's all good, they know they're okay if if you don't.

Seriously, it's a pretty awesome experience and the best to you two on this new journey!!!

knitnat said...

Jules! Congrats! I just read your blog after finding the link you posted on Facebook just moments ago. I had no idea that this blog existed. I will be cyberstalking you from this point on out! :)


Jules said...

Thanks Nat!