Wednesday, February 02, 2011

38 weeks, 2 days

I've been on maternity leave for two weeks now, and I have learned a few things in this time:

1.  Tess doesn't actually like spending time with me, she was just using me.  She knew that I was the one with the cool job where she had lots of doggie pals to hang out with so she was nice to me, ensuring I would bring her along.  Now that we don't go to work, she spends her days ignoring me and sighing, and her evenings tormenting SB because she knows HE can still at least take her to the dogpark.

2.  Daytime TV sucks.  As I putter around the house doing various tasks, I realize how much I hate a lot of TV that airs during the day.  Especially Barbara Walters.  I love the View, but I despise Barbara Walters.  I feel like she has completely irrelevant opinions and it seems like she is half senile based on the comments she makes on "Hot Topics" and also the way she interrupts everyone else on the show to make said comments.  Is it sad that the fate of my days lately hinge on whether she is on that day or not? Sheesh.

3.  Even with all the time in the world, I am still an exceptional procrastinator.  I would even go so far as dubbing myself a Master Procrastinator.  And I know for a fact it's not just laziness, because I am very selective about which tasks routinely get ignored.  For example, I've kept up on laundry, my crafting is in turbo mode, but I still haven't packed my hospital bag.  Even after the nurse at my appointment on Monday chastised me for not having it prepared. 


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I've never been past 38 weeks pregnant! Good luck for the last couple of weeks/days! I can't wait to hear the news. Hope you have an easy, quick, safe delivery.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

ps - All 3 times (for each of my kids) I packed my hospital bag, my water broke the very next day.

Jules said...

I know! I think that's why I've been procrastinating!!!! Ha!