Thursday, January 27, 2011

37 weeks, 3 days

Once again, another boring report.  Everything is great and normal. 

I finished work last Wednesday, and I think this is depressing Tess.  She finds me 100% boring since a) I can't take her to the park and b) I am not a dog.  At least I'm forcing her to get to plenty of cuddle time in before the Insider comes.

I have been procrastinating getting my hospital bags packed.  I have no idea why.  My list has been made for weeks, I picked up a bunch of stuff that I needed, everything should be ready, but it seems like other things keep popping up that have to be done first.

In other random news, I decided to make a quilt for the Insider, at SB's urging.  I have been knitting all kinds of little projects, but I think he was inspired by all the quilts I have that have been handed down through my family.  Anyway, I ordered fabric to make it two weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived.  UGH.  Two weeks I have been waiting - I hate the US postal service.

Lastly, SB took some belly photos this weekend.  Nothing fancy, mostly so The Insider will see what we looked like together.  Anyway, this is my favorite, taken at 36 weeks 5 days:


Anonymous said...

Honey you look wonderful, so glowing and healthy...I can't wait to meet the Insider. You are more then ready for this new adventure.

Love mummy

Knit and Purl Mama said...

You look great! Hang in there - you're so close to the end! Can't wait to hear all about The Insider's arrival!