Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life goes on

Now that I have finally gotten through the epic saga that was our birth story (sorry it was so long!), what's going on with the rest of our life?

Well, I think that's why the birth story ended up so long because really, nothing else is going on.  Marlowe poops, and pees, and eats, and screams, and even occasionally sleeps.  As of last week we are able to take (short) walks, and we also met with the ladies from my yoga class and their babies for playgroup. 

We are slowly adjusting to life with M.  And by adjusting I mean grumbling reluctantly forward waiting for the good stuff.  I mean, there is some good stuff, but really newborns are not very exciting or fun.  In the last week or so she has actually become somewhat pleasant during some of her awake time, so that's nice, but she still refuses to play Scrabble with me. 

I'm trying really hard to live in the moment and "enjoy this time, they're only little for so long" but I'm dying for her to smile.  I have always been a sucker for feedback, and I find it difficult to be working so hard keeping her alive without any indication about whether I'm doing it correctly (except for the fact that she is, indeed, alive).

Right now, in spite of all the apparatuses (I super wanted that to say "appariti" but apparently that's incorrect) we have procured for her to sleep and play in, she really only wants to nap ON one of us.  Night time is fabulous, she sleeps pretty great in her pack and play, but daytime is all cuddle time. And screaming time.  And as awesome as it is to cuddle with her, I really have a lot of shit to do around here, Kid, ~ahem~ laundry ~ahem~ so please start sleeping elsewhere.  K, thx, bye.


Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Do you have a Moby wrap? We LIVED by it when Emerson was a newborn - you can have that great skin to skin contact, baby's all snug against your chest and you can get up and move and wash a dish or do a load of laundry. It's just a giant piece of jersey, so it can fit you or your husband. My husband wore the heck out of that thing the first six months. They have them at Amazon.com

I hate the not knowing if you're doing it right. I seriously never got "constructive feedback" from Emerson until a couple months ago, I just knew she was still breathing, but didn't know if she was uncomfortable, bored, finding me to be a complete idiot. But sounds like you're doing great!

Jules said...

Yes, we have one. Here the brand is Maman Kangourou - it really has been a lifesaver. Still, I would like to have some time to myself during the day - and also I get really hot wearing that thing! Today was great - we did a stroller walk and she fell asleep in the stroller's bassinet. You have no idea how happy it made me! I guess we'll be having lots of walks!

I figure as long as she's eating and pooping, we must be doing something right. :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sounds like you are doing things right. She is beautiful. Hope she sleeps better now. Do you nap when she naps?