Sunday, April 03, 2011

Learning Curve

I cannot believe that Baby M is already 8 weeks old!  I feel like these two months have really zoomed by, but that may be a bit of the Groundhog Day effect.  Each day seems like it may never end, but when you add them all together, boom!  There go two months!

In this time, we have tried to get to know our baby.  I'm sure any parents out there know, in these first months this is a futile endeavor.  First of all, newborns tend to have very little personality other than hungry, sleepy, and mean (aka cranky).  Secondly, when they do start to develop what one may call "traits" or "habits", they change so quickly that there is no sense in getting used to them.  They will just break your heart (goodbye, napping for hours in the swing.  We miss you.)

I am currently trying to get this nap situation under control.  In the beginning Baby M was often cranky, and we attributed every outburst to gas, cramps, etc.  I stopped drinking coffee, orange juice, cut out dairy, all in an effort to appease her suffering.  But I'm starting to think that we were getting the wrong message from her - I don't think we were making her sleep enough.  So far we have been extremely lucky and M sleeps through the night.  Yes, she has her exceptional, awful, wailing into the wee hours nights, but for the most part we get a solid 6-8 hours, and I feel so lucky for it.  (actually I feel like she senses if she doesn't allow me a proper dose of reloading, I may drop her or put her in the dryer by mistake).  But daytime was a whole other beast.

So I've been really making an effort.  I am trying to create a nap routine to help her wind down and be able to know it's time for resting.  We were doing a bedtime routine, why didn't we clue in that she would need this in the day too?  And you know what?  This week I have seen a huge difference.  During her awake times she is a far happier baby then before, and her naps for the most part are lasting longer.  I am learning her cues and trying to be prompt reacting to them, and I'm starting to learn her likes and dislikes.  For example, she loves to be cozied up in a fleecy blanket, but it's also important she be swaddled tightly because she still hits herself in the face sometimes and scares herself awake. 

I'm hoping this week will bring more progress, and more happy baby time.  But I also know that she'll most likely switch up her preferences about 100 times before we get it, and that terrifies me. 


Anonymous said...

the 90 minutes sleep system julie! it's like i wrote your post! my experience exactly! read it it really works! you can get it on xxx

Jenn said...

It looks like someone beat me to it. I was going to suggest the 90 minute system too. I found being too rigid with it made me crazy, but I keep it in the back of my mind. After a little playing, a diaper change or two and some milk, baby's ready for sleep again. MamaK wrap by the kitchen fan does the trick ;) Thanks again for that...

Jules said...

Thanks guys! Right now I'm reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. So far I'm feeling his theories, although a lot of what he talks about doesn't apply to the under 3 month set obviously. That's the tough part about this stage - you're trying to figure it all out, and a strict schedule would be helpful but there is just no sense in getting your hopes up that you have a schedule at all.

I'm following basically a 60-120 minute awake time formula, but we do food first, then play, then sleep. Is this backwards? (I think this is a BabyWhisperer method - I read about it on the internet so I can't be certain though...)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I hope by now you have sorted out the sleep routine. Love her lips, so cute!