Monday, August 08, 2011

Where it's at

So, the kid turned six months old over the weekend.  She seemed non-plussed by the whole thing, but we were feeling a little nostalgic.  Like, hey, remember that ugly little monkey we brought home from the hospital who squawked all the time?  Now she's cute and round and instead of squawking, she screams!  Weeeeee!

Ugly Monkey Squawker

She is still not crawling and still has no teeth.  But she IS a champion eater.  We started "solids" early, and so far she has tried all of the appropriate first foods.  This includes carrots, bananas, three kinds of cereal, squash, apple, pear, peach, beans, peas, zucchini, plums, and more.  She was not so into meats, but the past few days she's been coping alright with those too.  She not only loves the purees, but she has also gummed on a cooked carrot, and some baby rice wafer cookies with gusto.  

With this love of solid foods, also comes the reward of solid poo.  This has made our cloth diapering life much easier and more pleasant.  I think that's enough on that topic for a general update post.  But I'm working on a post about baby feeding, so we'll get more in depth there. 

She loves Tess more than anything - the squeals and screeches of delight are often rewarded with some finger tasting on Tess's part.  I am so happy that Tess is so gentle with her, and her toys, but I am not surprised.  Simon is also very interested in the baby, and lets her pull and tug on his tail or face without complaining.  If she bothers him, he will often get up, circle around her, and settle in on the other side of her still within grabbing distance.  This also doesn't surprise me much.  I think the only unknown we had going into this was how the baby would react to them, and I have to say it has been fantastic!

Sunscreen Hair

We have been spending our days visiting friends, shopping, running, yogaing and sleeping.  We have yet to hit up the new wading pool at our park because I am slightly terrified she will have a meltdown and/or I'll drown her by accident but it's on our list of things to do.  Summer has been quite lovely, but we are looking forward to our vacation out East next month.  And by "looking forward to" I mean "still dreading a 10 hour drive with an infant and a giant dog and all our shit, so the weather better be good". 


Jenn said...

You are the cloth diaper queen which makes M the princess of clothdiaperland. Thank for the advice on cloth diapers and how to make them easier to deal with now that solids are making their way into my baby's system!

Jules said...

thanks Mama! Solids definitely make the poo easier to deal with! Although you've been on boob milk, so probably it hasn't been too bad for you guys. If I'm the Queen of Cloth, you are the Lady of Lactation!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Glad to hear the cloth diapering is going easier for you these days. I never got into cloth diapering - it wasn't for me.

She's getting so big! And even cuter. What age (early) did you start her on solids? We had to wait with Q because he was premature (to make sure his digestive was ready for it).

6 months went by fast, eh?

Jules said...

Yes, Robyn, cloth isn't for everyone. But I'm in love with ours, and it's been so much cheaper. they were super easy at first, then when we had to switch to formula it became less pleasant, but now with solids it's gotten better :)

We started her on solids just before she turned 5 months old and the only problem we had was an ill-considered trifecta of rice cereal, carrot, and banana (holy constipated batman!)