Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's a special kind of torture

So, being back to jogging is fun. It gets me out of the house without spending any money, it gets the kid some fresh air and some scenery, and it's exercise. We're into it. We're doing it. Yippee.

Why are we doing this again?

I guess because this past weekend was a long one, many of the running bloggers I read and my running family members were participating in some pretty big events. There were marathons, half-marathons, and a special kind of crazy, 250km 5 man relay. And the people ran, and I encouraged and cheered for them and felt great for them for what they accomplished. And I also got inspired.

So this morning I got up with one objective for the day. If these people are able to get their acts together to run these crazy distances, then I should have no problem getting myself through my silly 5k training. I only have 2 weeks of that program left, that's peanuts! And then I will train for a 10k and will sign up for an actual race. And then next year we'll be running a half marathon, or, good jeebus, and actual marathon. So let's do it. Let's go - I put together the stroller and got M in it and off we were.

And oh the agony. The leg aches. The wheezy throat with coughing. The sweating. The sore back. Is it because I'm old and out of shape, or just plain out of shape? Who cares. Aaaaaargh. Wheeeeez.  Aaaaargh. Why.  Whyyyyyyyy?

Even 20 minutes after arriving home I was still stiff and sore. I went through all of this a few years ago when training for a 5k race. I know it gets better. But when I look up training schedules for the 10k distance, it seems so impossible. They add mileage to their schedules like it's nothing, and it's very daunting. It gets me anxious about a goal that I'm not even training for, because each run now seems like such a huge accomplishment but in the grand scheme of things it's small potatoes.

So my question is - if you are a distance runner, was it this difficult starting out? How did you get through this crappy beginning stage? When do I stop feeling like a crazy maniac?


Jallápenno said...

I do the same thing. I got to week 5, and I was like...I hate this. I can do more / go farther than before, but I like it no better. I went out Mondsy because it was just SO nice, but I hurt now. I admire people who run, and I've set some noble goals, but no luck yet. let me know what you find for inspiration!

Jules said...

I think the trick for me will be picking a race and signing up - if I pay the registration fee I will feel like I HAVE to succeed.

Also, I don't know about you, but I feel like after pushing a baby out of my vag, this should be cake.

Mai said...

Hey! sorry to hear you are having trouble! yes, signing up for a race and paying for it is an incentive, or get a running buddy! Pick a distance that you know it's within your reach and aim for a specific time to finish the distance. But most important, you need to have fun doing it! or pick a race with fundraising for a good cause? Don't sign up for a distance way too long that your body is not ready for. You'll be disappointed because you might not be able to finish, or even hurt yourself!

I like jogging, because I used to play soccer and hockey, so a "little" 30-45 min, and varying pace during my runs is easy. I know I have done it before. If you have nothing to relate your run to, it's harder. You gave birth and it took you more than 30-45 min, right?

Find yourself challenges or something fun every week, prepare a new playlist of songs, something that has rhythm, short tunes are easier, you get distracted every time it switches to the next one. Choose a new route maybe? Aim for a target...Talk to someone on the phone while running? you'll be done faster than you think.

To get your fitness to the level where it doesn't hurt that much after running, do brisk walking every time you go out with the stroller for errands, then, your legs are stronger and it gets easier. Squat while watching TV, during commercials (it's short enough that your show starts again just when you get tired).

You'll get there! we can go together if you want?


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I don't jog so unfortunately I have no advice - but I am sure you can get there!