Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sewing project #2!

After my exciting foray into quilting, I realized how much I love love love to sew. Why, you may ask? Because as much as I love knitting, I am extremely slow, so finishing a great knitting project takes forever. And I don't have forever. I have a kid.

So as soon as I finished the quilt I began hunting for a new project to work on. And of course the project I found was on the ever-inspiring Moda Bake Shop website. I decided to make this cathedral window pillow for my friend Stamatia.

I went out fabric hunting and found these:
Various fabrics in similar colorways from Moda Verna by Kate Spain and Fashionista fabrics.

Sewing the front piece was challenging, but actually much easier then I expected.

While I definitely could get more practice and do a better job if I ever made this cushion again, I am so very happy with the finished product, and I hope that Stamatia is too!


Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful. I love it and I am sure she will too. You are a very talented lady...Good Job.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

What a beautiful project!

I started a quilting class 2 weeks ago, about to start my first project.

Jules said...

I can't wait to see your project Robyn! I know you did a sewing class before too - you are going to Loooooove quilting. I'm addicted!

jw said...

Hey there! Love that pillow! Holy smokes! Personally, I'm staked out in my armchair watching food network, hour after hour and feeling hiccups and other things inside!
XO Judy

Jules said...

Thanks Judy! I hope you're taking care and resting up - I found the kicks were a good reminder that it was time to take it easy a little more often. Before feeling movement I would kind of forget my body was in the middle of a really big job!