Friday, October 13, 2006

Weekend off, here I come!

Today will be the start of my first weekend off in over a month. I'm very excited, because unlike some weekends off that get spent cleaning, doing laundry, and groaning about all the stuff we have to get done, this weekend we actually have real-live plans!

It all starts tonight, when at 5:30 SB and i are going for a fabulous couples massage. Just a regular massage, but you both get to go in the same room, and there are two masseuses. I can't wait - can't remember the last time I went for a massage, but it's included in our insurance package so it's retarded that we don't go once a month.

Then, tomorrow is my friend Bryan's wedding. The ceremony is at 2pm, so I'll spend the morning sleeping in a bit, then we'll get ready and head over to the church. After that part, the reception is being held at 5, but we and another couple each rented rooms at a hotel nearby, so we will got and check in, and maybe have a few drinks, then head to the hall. I'm really excited, not just because I haven't been to a wedding in ages, but also because it's rare that we get to do couples stuff with my friend Ems and her SB, because of our work schedules, and then they have kids, and finding time is hard. It will be awesome to just relax, have fun, and have a lot of laughs.

Sunday we have no plans as of yet. Hopefully I won't be too hung over, and maybe we'll go out for breakfast or something.

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