Thursday, December 28, 2006

So, probably not the best time for experimenting....

Wowie wowie - what a crazy couple of weeks! I have made friends with more cats (for our business, not just random cats) in the last two weeks then in my whole entire life, I think. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day were pretty insano - SB helped out tons, and I think there would have been some serious meltdown action if he hadn't been with me. Next year we will keep at least one staff member working through the holiday - we are just too busy for just us to take care of it. Oh, well, at least we had one year of being nice to them!

Anyway, so I haven't had a day off since......I forget, but it's been a while, and I think I will actually get a whole day off on Tuesday, so I can't wait! Today wasn't so bad because I had appointments in the morning and then at night, but had the afternoon off. I did some shopping, which was pretty relaxing, but went a bit overboard and now my feet hurt.

Last week, I started to forget to take my meds before bed. By the time I realized it, it had been almost a week. They say that when you are on "Mood Meds" that after a year of being symptom free, you usually give it a go without them, and since it has been a year since I have cried over handsoap and tampons, I thought since I was half-weaned anyway, might as well cut 'em out all together.

Bad idea. Bad, bad idea.

I haven't really been spending any time crying in my car, which is what I did most of last fall, however this morning, while administering an insulin injection to my cat friend Freddie, I started crying over a commercial about DVR recorders. Or something similar. It's the one where the dad is watching a hockey game, and the little boy comes down and says he can't get to sleep. The dad pauses his hockey game ("you can pause live TV"), and makes like he is going to get up and put the boy to bed, but then he thinks twice about it, and says, "Wanna see a great goal?" Then he rewinds the game a bit, they watch the goal, and cuddle on the couch to watch the last few minutes of the game. All the while this really great song is playing, and at the end of the commercial you hear some of the words to the song, which is a line that says "I will be the one who loves you the most." I didn't even realize I was crying until Regis and Kelly came back on.

Aside from this alleged symptom, I'm feeling a little...wired. Frazzled. Maybe manic could be a description, but I really have no idea, since I don't think I ever had manic episodes before. My head is in overdrive, I feel like I'm in fast-forward, and I always feel hungry.

So, I think I won't be skipping my meds anymore.

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