Friday, December 01, 2006

Probably like ten pounds lighter

It's all gone. And I didn't even cry once.

Okay, so not all gone, but like a foot gone. You know it's serious when they put away the hairdresser scissors and break out the old-school Grade 1 teacher scissors (the metal ones that used to have a black coating, but that's wearing off so they are kinda just metal-colored with peeling black paint).

Anyway, so here is what my ponytail looked like after the fact:
So sad, so lonely, like some kind of beached sea cucumber. Admittedly, the ends are not in such great shape, but I think it will still contribute to a pretty terrific wig.

I was sweating when I arrived at the salon because I was so nervous. The girl at the front desk was super nice and told me about her friend who had done it. Then a random client was like "you're donating your hair?" and I said yes, and she was like "that is so awesome, good for you" It made me feel really great, and took my mind off of all the ways it could possibly end up sucky.

The hairdresser was really cool too - she helped me a lot figuring out what would work best rather than what would look great today and never again because I hate blowdrying my hair and am just generally hair lazy. I have seen people on TV who have this moment of breaking down when the scissors start to cut through the hair, but that didn't happen. I even liked the sound.

I can't wait for my first at-home wash. It will feel strange, having like 1/3 of the hair than I used to. Here are some photos.

In taking my own photo for this little exercise, I have discovered that I make some pretty funny faces. Also, please take note that, yes, that is indeed Degrassi the Next Generation on the TV behind me. Craig and Ashley got back together today.


Anonymous said...

Good Job!
I think it looks great! definately suits you and will be a ton easier!
Big Al

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jules! You look great! The locks will make a gorgeous wig and just wait until you wash your hair the first's a wonderful feeling...freedom. Jill

Anonymous said...

Zoe and I think you look fabulous.
Degrassi Rules!!

Anonymous said...

Looks hot!
Syl cut her almost as much...
Hugs! ;)

Anonymous said...

I meant cut HERS LOL

Jallápenno said...

excellent, excellent choice on the big chop. I just got mine all cut off again, but it wasn't so long as yours. And, it was bastardised, so couldn't be used for wigs. The shorter hair suits you 100%.