Friday, December 29, 2006

I would suck at living alone

Sexy Boyfriend is gone for a few days visiting his family. Since I have work stuff going on, I couldn't go and am home alone with the doggies and Simon.

I hate cooking for myself. I haven't cooked a real meal for the whole two days he's been gone. I have bagels for breakfast, so I guess that counts as a meal. For lunch I have had leftover pasta and then today I warmed up some frozen samosas. And some crackers on the side. Mmmm. Supper has been take-out - Quiznos, Subway.

Also, I am very lonely. I have called all my friends, called SB like four hundred times, and even spent a whole afternoon shopping. Although that was less about being lonely and more about needing some time to decompress - and spend my gift cards..... :P

When I am home alone, I rarely do things that are in any way productive. You are more likely to find me sitting on the sofa wondering if my cat ever wonders why he's the only one who pees in a box in the closet.

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