Sunday, February 25, 2007

Looky looky who's back!!!

Hey there all! Did you miss me? I sure didn't miss you, cause I was on a beach for a week, but now sadly I am back at home.

Cuba was amazing, as always. We had lots of sun, great beach days, the food was reasonably okay (I could never say it was great, no matter where we stayed - buffet is buffet), and all was very relaxing. Except for one thing.


I couldn't even believe it - it showed up on the third day, and is still coming on strong. I thought maybe it was the sun, or the salt water, or something the hotel washed their sheets and towels in. Then I thought maybe it was the rum, so I only drank beer and wine for a whole day. Then it got worse, so I thought maybe it was the beer, so drank only rum all day. But I just kept itching and itching. And am still itching. I took some photos of it one day, so once I upload I will post them. I cannot be allergic to Cuba. I will not. I refuse.

So, drugged up on Benedryl, I was unfortunately not very exciting as far as travelling companions go, but I think my mom had a very fun trip, and finally got to relaxing by the end of it.

Our return travel was a bit tiring - we left Cuba Friday night/Saturday morning at 4:20am, so got to Montreal around 8am Saturday, then I had a hundred million things to start working on for the business, which is still in operation after my week away thanks to SB's valiant efforts. Then we went out for dinner to my mom's favorite restaurant here, then it was time for my Mommy's Christmas/birthday gift, the Rod Stewart concert. I am not a huge Rod Stewart fan, but my mom has loved him forever. It was actually a really great show, he played mostly old songs, and I knew most of the words. We had loads of fun, and took lots of photos and some video.

Then we went home and I finally got to have some sleep.

So that's what's been going on. I have tons of little stories from vacation, I'm sure, so once my photos are up, I will start posting about that. For now, it's time for some Benedryl, and the good awards are starting on the Oscars.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the beach. Sounds like it was wonderful! And I admire your scientific elimination technique for determining the cause of the rash. Very Bishop's! I would be in my mom's good books FOREVER if I took her to a Rod Stewart concert...and I might have even enjoyed it too, seeing as I grew up listening to the stuff. No wonder you could sing along! We're the products of our environment so "bring over some of your old motown records...we'll put the speakers in the window and we'll go...on the roof and listen to the miracle echo in the alley down below..."