Friday, February 02, 2007

The funniest/saddest thing I've seen in a while

The other day on the group walk I brought my two mutts with me, and we met up with the other group walker and all walked together. We were having a lovely time, and everyone was happy, until we noticed that one of the doggies run towards something in the woods. Maria screamed "Aaaah - he's got a squirrel!!!!"

At first I thought it was a dead squirrel, which happens all too often, but then the dog dropped the squirrel, and it was moving around and stuff. Yuck. A bunch of dogs had converged on the area, so I ran in to get them away and shoo them back onto the trail. Then my genius dog, Charlie, tried to sniff Dying Squirrel, got a little too close, and the Dying Squirrel latched onto his lip.

Picture, if you will, a high-strung Basset Hound (I know, that in itself is difficult to imagine) flopping his head back and forth with the most worried look I've ever seen, trying to shake free Dying Squirrel who has a death grip on his face. After a few seconds Dying Squirrel finally let loose, and I was able to grab Charlie by the collar and drag him away.

I feel bad that we had to leave the squirrel there suffering (I'm pretty sure it was already sick or dying to be on the ground in the first place for the first dog to catch hold of it), but I thought it was more important to get the dogs out of there so it didn't die while being ripped to pieces. However, as sad as that is, I would pay anyone at least $100 for a video of that 10 seconds Charlie had the squirrel stuck to his face.

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Anonymous said...

Damn squirrels, I hate them.