Monday, March 12, 2007



So, in the last week I have:
- worked two groups a day minimum as one of my girls was on vacation
- had a dog puke in the car every day for five days.
- started looking for a condo to buy
- met with an agent to help us find the perfect condo
- watched The Departed - awesome!!!
- got bit in the face by a puppy, very near my eye
-got snapped in the hand and arm by a giant elasticky leash one of my clients has when her dog got excited, chased a ball, and the clasp broke, subsequently snapping the leash back on me, narrowly missing my eyes.
- had a dog spray in the car to mark it (an un-neutered pug male - not a whole lot of stink or pee, but still very annoying and icky)
- found the perfect condo
- started looking at making an offer on that condo
- lost a dog for half an hour (found the little bastard, but he kept running from me. He was soooo sticky and dirty from the salty sidewalks. All the other dogs were pissed at him - because of him, their walk got cut short)
- had the time change totally fuck up my life.

It has been a crazy week - we are going to see Dream Condo again tonight (our third visit - we've been to two open houses there, and now we're going back with our agent). And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We've seen a bunch of other places, but this place just gives me that feeling. You know the feeling. Like you already live there. I just love it so much. When we talk about it, it's all I can say. I just love it. So much. Ugh, I will really hate if we don't get it. Unless something better magically pops up out of nowhere. I hate the waiting. It really drags it out, having to make appointments all over the place to see it, finance it, blah blah blah. Poor SB is swamped at work as well, and is the primary responsible for doing the whole business part of it (I just participate in the selection, decoration, and general "putting togetheredness" of it all), so he's having a tough time balancing, I'm sure.

Anyway, I have a lot of anxiety right now. I can't wait until we settle on something (ie The Dream Condo) and the moving process begins. And ends. I can't wait.

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Jenn said...

I'm really interested to hear your adventures in condo-buying. I think it's something my man and I are planning to do sometime.. Not *quite* yet, but eventually. Condos seem a bit different than buying a house...or is it?