Monday, August 13, 2007

Feels like 1988

In my plight to convince SB that we absolutely need a digital SLR, I think I mentioned that I broke out the old Minolta SLR a few weeks ago to snap some fabulous photos. Today I dropped off two rolls of 24 at my local Pharmaprix, and now I'm waiting for my prints, and, more importantly, my CD of photos.

I have to say, the whole process is quite exciting. What could be on there? Will they turn out? Will I be hugely disappointed? The anticipation is a bit overwhelming for my convenience-filled little life.

Dropping off the films was a bit surreal. There was no line-up, and when I told the girl I hadn't done this in a gazillion years she just chuckled. I actually said goodbye to the film. I said "Bye little films". The girl chuckled at this, too. Then she asked me if I just wanted the CD, or if I wanted the prints too. If I was one step more environmental I would have said "CD only", but I'm paying for the prints anyway, and who knows, some of them might be frameable as-is.

Although she couldn't have them ready in an hour - ugh, the suspense! - they will be ready today, and I can't wait to pick them up. But, for $6 a pop, that's $12 that could have gone towards a DSLR, and that's not even including the gas there and back two times. I am going to keep a log book of how much I spend on photos. Hard data wins him over every time.


Jenn said...

You best be posting the photos, ma'am.

The last time I put in a roll of film, it was from an ancient camera my aunt had in the 70s. I nearly single-handedly put Carsand Mosher out of business in Halifax because, little did I know, the film had gone through a washing machine, and the residual soap on the film nearly blew up their processing machines. Oops.

Jules said...

That's something that would totally happen to me! I wonder how they were able to tell what the problem was?

Photos came out okay - we took some at a party in the evening, and they are quite grainy, and SB was like "WTF?" and I was like "well, seeing as how it isn't DIGITAL I can't see the photos as I take them, so I can't know if the lighting is totally wrong." But we got some awesome shots of our patio "ambiance"