Thursday, March 20, 2008

Looking for some opinions

If you were going to hire a dog walker, and you had a baby, would you schedule the interview during a time when you knew your baby would be awake, but cranky, because it's almost nap time?

If yes, would you then hand your baby over to the dog walker, who is grimy and full of dog hair and slobber, and a dog walker, not a baby person, while you ran down to the neighbors to get your spare key which the dog walker told you you should have ready?

If yes, would you then randomly whip out your boob in the middle of being questioned by the dog walker about your dog, even though your baby wasn't fussing at all anymore?

I'm all for babies - babies mean we get to walk dogs because mommies don't want to. But I could have dropped that baby.

The dog was very helpful in the whole situation - when the baby started fussing and I had to pick her up he sat beside me and licked my arm.


Jallápenno said...

Ok. In answer to your questions:
1)Ideally not, but babies can be unpredictable with their napping.
2)No, because I don't know you at all and why wouldn't I just bring my cranky baby with me? They did say on Mythbusters that the dog's mouth was cleaner than Adam's mouth, but I think Adam's mouth was really dirty, so not really proving anything good there.
3)Maybe, just for fun? Exploring possible future options for your relationship as dog walker with benefits?

Jules said...

I was pretty freaked out because babies in general freak me out. I don't mind people having them, and they are cute from afar, but I would not ever offer to hold one. And breast feeding totally freaks me out.

I am notoriously overly sensitive to baby issues. Give me dog shit and vomit and blood any day, but babies? Ya, I'm pretty sure I'll mess those up so they make me majorly uncomfortable.

Also, dog's mouths are very clean, but my hands and rest of self don't just touch their mouths, if you catch my drift.....

Jallápenno said...

the name is Avelin (pronounced Aiv-lin, spelled correctly Aibhlin, but we don't want to curse the baby to a lifetime of mispronounciation). It's Irish, since we seem to have gone with that for the wee lad and there are lots of nice names. It means little bird, which is also kind of fun. Different enough, but not crazy different.