Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Vacation planning is taking over my life

So the flights are booked and we found the apartment we will be renting - seems this Paris trip is really going to happen!

We have a big giant list of things we want to see and do, but if anyone has any favorite places you visited while you were there (especially cafes, restaurants, small shops, etc), please pass them along!

Our 10th anniversary is May 14th, and we will be spending the night at a fancy pants hotel just outside of Chateau Versailles - I still have to get all that booked, and we are doing that using our AirMiles, so fingers crossed it will all work out. There is a new Gordon Ramsey restaurant that is opening at that hotel as well - it is supposed to open at the end of April, so if it does we may do our anniversary dinner there. Provided it doesn't cost more than our airfare did. Which is entirely possible.

Life has been pretty boring as of late - I've been knitting socks (on my third pair) and working. This weekend is my friend Kalea's wedding and lots of our university pals are coming to town. Very exciting.

We got more snow today, so I have officially given up. I am now hibernating until it all goes away. Simon agrees.


Anonymous said...

Ah Paris, that sounds amazing! Do you have any extra room in your suitcase? 10 years for you guys- I remember when you started dating- so didn't think I'd aged 10 years since then....Have a great time at Kalea's wedding. Wish I could be there! xo Jill

Jules said...

I didn't see you offering space in your suitcase when you went to Hawaii!!!! Seriously, though, I'm so stoked - Eric has never been overseas, so it's really exciting and we'll be gone for two weeks which seems unfathomable right now. Only two months to go...

We will definitely miss you this weekend - Kerry arrives Friday, and I think Ryan is coming only Saturday. We will miss you lots!!!