Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas is dead. Part IV

So, another year, another holiday season is looming before us.

This is the time of year when everyone else gathers with their families to celebrate the holidays, doing whatever they all do each year. At first I resented missing out on those things. But now I realize I just miss the option of choosing those activities. Whether I want to drive 10 hours or not, hauling dogs and cats and too much luggage and too many gifts, we don't have the choice. Would I be just as happy to choose, say, travelling over the holidays to a beach, or spending Christmas in Rome? Probably. But I can't choose those things either. And maybe I would be even happier just hanging out in our condo with our own dog and cats, holed up for three days drinking hot chocolate, opening gifts, eating too much, sitting in front of the fire place. Yup, that would probably make me happy too.

But we don't have those choices anymore. For the last three years (this year will be our fourth), we get up on Christmas morning, usually before the sun comes up. We visit about a kabillion cats during the day, usually taking a break for a meal (one year my mom visited and made us a turkey while we were out scooping poop and shoving pills down cats' throats. It was awesome. But usually we stop at one of the delis and either have a club sandwich or smoked meat.) We get home after dark. The end.

I would complain more, and hate it more, except for one thing. I know that every Christmas that we own this business I get to spend the whole day with SB, just the two of us. And we usually have a great time. So as much as I hate it, I really do love it.


Anonymous said...

Ah Jules, I am so enjoying naboplaplamo (you know what I mean)! I am sitting here laughing out loud and nodding along to your story, like yup, I know one of those. And then I clicked on The Jim link (because, big suprise, I didn't get the reference living under the rock that I do)and really start laughing as I'm picturing Eric giving YOU this look. I love your writing and I love knowing what's going on in your life, makes me feel connected and like there arent' so many miles between here and there! Jill

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I posted the above comment to the wrong blog entry...Jill

Jules said...

I still love you Jill! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading - I'm having fun writing it.