Friday, November 13, 2009


One of my favorite blogs is FAIL Blog, cousin to LOL Cats. Generally at least once a day they post either photos, videos, news articles featuring various FAILS that are going on in the world. Here are some of my faves:

Local news weather:

Man on the street:

They've been doing a lot of this type of thing lately, and I love it:

My personal favorite of the week:

If you use an RSS reader, I would highly recommend subscribing to this feed - I usually read it while I'm having my coffee, and have, more than once, found myself almost spitting all over the laptop. I also love sending the link to SB to brighten his day a bit. And if you do read it, what have your faves been?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I know I've been totally living under a rock since Chloe arrived but I have a feeling this is more related to my general lack of web knowledge...but you have to explain this FAIL thing to me. I checked out the links, hilarious, but I'm confused. And what the hell is RSS? Help me. Jill

Jules said...

FAIL is just any time something is obviously wrong, in the wrong context, totally false, or whatever, but in a way that is completely obvious and someone totally should have realized how dumb it is.

So, they made a blog called FAIL blog where that's all they post. Some are hilarious, some not as much, but still usually good for a solid laugh.

I think the very first FAIL I ever saw was on the LOL cats blog and there was a cat with a cone trying to eat, and so it was a pic of the cat, the cone, the bowl of food, and then a giant pile of kibble that he had pushed out of the bowl while trying to eat and it said "eating FAIL"

RSS readers are services that you tell which websites you read, and it will bring them to the reader when that site has been updated. Kind of like an email inbox. The one I use is Google Reader. So I put all the blogs I read in there, and I don't have to go check 10 times a day each site to see if they have updated, the reader tells me when. If you only read a couple of blogs once a day, it's not necessary, but for me, who reads about 100 million and who works from home, it's nice. It keeps me from obsessively going through each page to see if they have posted something new.

Anonymous said...

Amazing...I had no idea...I love it. Jill