Sunday, January 23, 2011

36 weeks, 6 days

Seeing as how our life is about to be given over to a tiny alien, I decided that this weekend I would plan a relaxing getaway weekend. However, obviously without the option of actually leaving the city just in case the alien decided to actually land, I had to be slightly creative.

So I booked a surprise two night stay at the Hotel Place D'Armes, the hotel where we got married. I picked him up from work on Friday at 5, after I had already checked in and deposited our luggage in the room (which I packed after he left in the morning). I took him to dinner at The Keg, then made him hide is eyes while I drove around the block and gave the valet at the hotel our keys. We spent the two nights ordering movies, ordering room service, reading, napping, walking around the Old Port, and just generally relaxing. Tess was in the more than capable hands of one of my co-workers for the weekend, so I was able to rest easy knowing that not only is she totally enamored by Liz and would be totally comfortable with her, but also that Liz has her own puppy at home and welcomed the play date/in-house energy burner.

The funniest thing was that at dinner on Friday night, before he knew my whole master plan for the weekend, SB said "I think that after this meal, if the rest of the weekend included nothing but lounging in pjs and not having to take Tess out, I would be in heaven." And that's exactly what it was.

***sidenote: I won't even get into the part about how my co-workers planned a surprise brunch/shower for today, Sunday, at 10:30, and SB had to covertly rearrange their plans to accommodate my surprise for him. The brunch ended up being so sweet and fantastic, and I am so, so sad I'm not joining them all at the work tomorrow. I will have to visit the clinic often throughout the year because I'm already missing it and those ladies!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Your little babymoon sounds wonderful! You must be psyched to meet the little one already?

Jules said...

It will be great to meet her, but I have a ton of little projects that I want to work on too. Plus, I kinda like being pregnant so not in a big hurry to get her out.

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

What a lovely getaway!!

Yeah, I wasn't in a rush for E to be born. I figured she'll come when she comes and we have years and YEARS to get to know one another. Was overdue and still okay with having her hang around for a while. :)