Tuesday, January 18, 2011

36 weeks, 1 day

I missed another week! With this kind of track record, I'm pretty sure I'm going to forget feeding The Insider at least once in the first week of her life.

Still doing relatively great, although yesterday I had my first day of feeling really, actually, honestly pregnant. My legs felt heavy. I had random achyness in my abdomen, back, pelvis, etc. I was tired. I was snappish. I didn't feel like walking to my car after work. SB made me go to bed at 9:30, and after some reading and heating pad I was asleep before 10:30. This morning I felt 200% better, so it seems that rest really IS the solution to most pregnancy discomfort.

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I'm pretty sad, because I love it there and love the people and will miss them tons. I had originally planned on staying on as long as possible, but I was worried about going into labor early and leaving the clinic in the lurch. However, after feeling so terrible yesterday, I'm actually a little glad to be done. I have some crafting plans to get to and lots of reading to do (my Kindle arrived and I think I'm in LOVE!) so I think these weeks will fly by.

Still no name for The Insider either. Her name will be Bobo


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Wow! 36 weeks already! You can pop any time now!

Quentin was born at 36 weeks ;) Mack at 37 weeks and Sean at 38 weeks. Can't wait to hear all about baby girl.

Post an updated belly photo!!

Jules said...

I know, I have to get some belly photos that are up to date. I don't really feel my belly is very big, which is great for me, but makes me feel less pregnant than I am!