Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's official

So, I'm officially an idiot. Or I have extremely bad luck.

The other day our living room smelled like cat shit. We keep the cat pooper in the living room, behind a chair, where the dogs can't get to it (I know, gross, but they like to have a tasty snack sometimes), so sometimes right after Simon goes I smell poo for a few minutes. But this smell I had been smelling for a few days, and always from my spot on the sofa, about ten feet from the pooper area.

I had a momentary burst of cleaning energy, and I swept the whole living room floor, pulled out the sofa and swept there, then changed the pooper, then wanted to wash all the sofa accoutrement; the pillowshams, the duvet I cuddle with, etc. So, I started the wash, dumped a bunch of stuff in, and grabbed the duvet and was stuffing it in, when I heard "plop".

My cordless phone was in the folds of the duvet, and even though I had avoided stuffing it through the wash, it flew out of the duvet and into the toilet. I fried my cordless phone by dropping it in the toilet. Wow.


Anonymous said...

But what about the poop smell? Is it gone now?

Jules said...

the poop smell is, indeed, gone. If it weren't, I'm scared what I else I would ruin trying to get rid of it.