Friday, January 05, 2007

Hey there 2007!

Wow, so it's the new year, and I have finally slowed down a bit at work. This week has been utterly decadent - a few work things, but all-in-all I pretty much just read and watched TV and got caught up on some office stuff. It felt SO GOOD!

Two nights ago SB and I went snowboarding for attempt #2 - we haven't had any natural snow lately, but they've been making some, so we thought we'd give it a try. However, the first run we did was a trail that was only recently opened, and it was hard-packed and .... hard-packed. I can't count the number of times I careened out of control, fell on my ass, fell to my knees, slid 50 feet on my back (thus pulling up my parka and causing major burn on my back). I have bruises everywhere. I was so discouraged when we finally got to the end that I was almost in tears, and SB was ready to strangle me with his board leash. We did another run, on one of the better groomed trails, and things went better, but I had hurt myself so bad on the first run that it just wasn't any fun. Even though we were only there for two runs, it took two hours, so I guess it was still worth the drive. And I'm still sore today. I'm going to set up an appointment to take a lesson next week - I have done okay so far with SB's instruction, but I get frustrated when he goes on ahead - it makes me panic, but he should be able to have fun too, so maybe the lesson is a great idea. Plus I'm sure the instructor will be able to explain things a little better to me.

In big, crazy news, I'm going to Cuba in February! I know, crazy! SB and I bought my mom tickets to see Rod Stewart (her fave 4ever) here in Montreal in February. She had already been planning on taking a trip south this year, so started looking into leaving from here, so she would maybe get a better price than leaving from Halifax. Plus she has to come here for the concert anyway. So, we found her a great deal, but then the problem became who would she travel with. Now, since the ski suit that SB got me for Christmas didn't work out (it didn't fit, and we couldn't find another one that I really loved), he offered to pay for part of my trip as my gift. WooHoo!!! I'm so excited, I could burst. It's very helpful that SB also got me a gift certificate to yoga, so I can spend the whole month between now and my trip getting in better shape. As long as snowboarding doesn't kill me in between yoga classes!

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