Monday, April 02, 2007

Probably my best discovery in a while - Simon would disagree

Have you ever gotten a little baby kitten, and he's so cute and puffy, and sweet. And then he grows up, and still so cute, and it's time to chop off his balls, and you're okay with that, but they also ask if you want him declawed, and you then face the eternal moral dilemma.

Yes, yes I would love to have him declawed. And my furniture would love it too. But I'm not sure I could live with myself knowing my kitty had been robbed of his claws and first knuckles forever. With no hope of defending himself if he ever escaped. Or for that matter, no hope of defending himself from an ever-grumpy Basset Hound who would later come into his life and become his eternal nemesis.

So you don't have him declawed, and you feel good about it. Until it's 4am and he's sharpening his claws on the wooden doors of your $500 wardrobe. Then you don't feel so good.

I have become increasingly anxious about the claw situation (and other situations too, but don't worry, I'm back on my meds) because we are moving soon (have ya heard?) and are probably getting a bunch of new furniture which we would prefer to not have scratched up. Then I found this.

Cue the angels singing and sunshine through the clouds from above.

These are the best things ever. Guilt-free. Easy to put on (although Simon doesn't love having them put on, it only takes about five minutes to apply them, and five minutes for them to set). And, if your cat is a boy and is really pissing you off, you can get back at him by buying the pink ones. I highly recommend them.


Jenn said...

I've used Softpaws myself! I do think they are great (I got the hot pink ones for Sexy, of course). The only downside was that I found they fell off too quickly, but I imagine that was more human error than product error. Hm.. Maybe we'll try them again? Our new red couch has an entire corner shredded to bits.

Jules said...

I think it takes a while for kitty to get used to them, and also for owners to get used to putting them on. I'm so paranoid I will put too much glue and it will get permanently stuck to his fur. But he kept this last set on for like five days, so that's his hottest streak so far. I'm being patient because I REALLY want a new dining table. Minus scratches.