Thursday, April 12, 2007

A bit more calm, I guess

So, the idiot tech guy did nothing for me. Nothing! We dropped the computer off on Monday night at 5:30 and were told the tech guy would be there Tuesday at 10am. At 11am I called to get a progress report and was told the tech guy was on a service visit, and then would be taking lunch, and would be back at 1.

At 1, I tried to call to get an update. I got put on hold for 10 minutes. I hung up and drove over to the store. It took them 20 minutes to send someone to tell me that the tech guy still wasn't back yet. I asked if he had looked at the computer before he left. It took them 10 minutes to find my computer, bring it out, and tell me no one had looked at it yet. Where is the tech guy? I asked. "At lunch, he will be back in five minutes" It's 1:30, I was told he would be back from lunch at 1. "Yes, 1 is when he is usually back" Then how do you know he will be back in five minutes, when he is already half an hour late? "Five, maybe ten minutes, he will be back". Can you call him and see when he will really be back? "No. Five, ten minutes he will be back." Give me my computer.

So, then I'm stressed out AND pissed off.

I get home and SB says that maybe their work tech guy could take a look at it, but he can only come by late afternoon and we will maybe have the data back the next day. This is better than nothing, but my schedule is still not done and I don't know if I've forgotten any Tuesday appointments.

Then I get a facebook message from Ems's Brian: I hear you're having computer problems...

I call him up. He graciously offers to take a look at it, and at the very least he'll hopefully be able to retrieve our data.

Two hours later, I'm home and able to work from my mac. We've decided the old computer is pretty much a write off. I just don't trust it anymore, so don't feel like paying to fix whatever the problem is (it will now start up, run okay for like five minutes, then randomly shut down...) just to have it break down again in a month. So, while we save/figure out where to get money for a new one, we will use mine and SB's computers.

And for the record, Brian Williams is a data extraction guru.

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