Monday, April 23, 2007


I am still alive. At least for now. We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning. I walked all day, which was semi-fun, but had its stressful moments (another dog ran away today - we found her, but I'm starting to develop a complex - they only run away on me!). I think the worst thing today happened this morning. I was walking a dog who is really sweet, but not reliable off-leash. We had a very nice walk, sniffing the trees and leaves that have surfaced since the nice melt last week. (Mmmm you know the smell...mmmmm), and I was thinking, awe doggy, you aren't so bad, you get a bad rap. I love you.

Then we saw a little Jack Russell terrier, and Doggy is okay with other dogs, so I thought "let's say hi." Doggy said hi nicely, sniffed nicely, all very nice, then he go SOOOO EXCITED. I've never seen him so excited. It was like he found a bone made of roast beef. And chicken. And cat poo. Anyway, he was spinning and spinning and jumping and spinning like some kind of doggy dervish.

Long story short, I think I dislocated my shoulder. But I'm only starting to feel it now because of the madness of the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I may be dead.

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