Monday, April 30, 2007


Hey all!!!! Here I am!!! Right here!!! Behind all these boxes!!!

The move went well on Friday - although I'm starting to wish that we had hired unpackers instead of movers. Between sleeping, finding someone to hire, having them tell us they found another job, trying to establish my wireless connection, unpacking, putting together furniture, and trying not to strangle my dogs who become needy little wusses when we move, I find myself still buried in boxes. Good thing our place is so much bigger than the other place.

I am starting to really hate hiring people. People in general are the bane of my existence and make me want to cut off my leg and beat myself in the head with it, but finding someone to work with is particularly horrendous, as it turns out. We always said how lucky we have been finding people, and it turns out we have been. Because now it's a big fat suck.

The problem is, I like routine. I like when things stay the same, and run along smoothly and everything is sunny and right in the world. And the past month has been nothing like that. Not even a little bit. But I'm plugging along.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, hey! Glad to hear the move went (reasonably?) well. It'll feel like home in no time and there will always be those boxes you never actually do get around to unpacking. They'll get purged on the next move, ha ha. Send pics when you are settled. Jill