Wednesday, July 18, 2007

and my head is still spinning...

well, what a week it has been, people. You can't even begin to imagine.

Last Wednesday, my Mummy arrived. Planned trip, that I had been quite looking forward to. I knew that I couldn't take time off, but that I could lighten my schedule a little. SB's parents had just left on Sunday, so we had two days to clean the house up a bit, and take care of the laundry and other stuff that had been dragging a bit while they were here.

We picked Mummy up Wednesday, brought her here to show her the new digs, and had a nice quiet evening in. Thursday she came with me while I walked my group, and we had another relaxing day.

Friday, we had booked a spa afternoon - she wanted to get her hair cut and colored, and wanted to get me a pedicure and haircut for my birthday. In the morning we did a few errands with SB, and on our way back home we got a call from one of our employees who we had sent to the mechanics for a check up of our Subaru. Huh, guess what? Subaru is dead. Some kind of fuel line problem that is expensive to fix, but that makes the car unsafe to drive. Huh. So, we go home, and SB meets her at the shop and gives her the Jetta, which has had a touchy transmission lately, but we hadn't been able to book it to be fixed, and SB has been driving it just fine.

Mummy and I leave for the spa - I asked SB if he would like to drive us so he can have the truck in case he needs it, but he says no. I leave him my cell phone, and ask him if he wants me to bring his in case he needs to reach me for something. He says no.

I have a great time with my hairdresser, talking about paint color choices, and other decorating stuff since she just moved as well. My pedicure is amazing, and the lady is halfway done applying polish when some other lady asks if I am me, then says I should call my boyfriend when I can. I immediately tense up, and the girl is still putting the applicator back in the bottle while I'm halfway out the door to find my Mummy and her phone.

Ya, so the Jetta died.

Died, like wouldn't run and had to be towed. SB had to bike over the mountain to get to the employee and the car so that we could use our Roadside assistance to tow it. So we have to start worrying about a game plan to get the Jetta fixed, and also be sure that our employee had a car. (Ultimately, we've decided to have the business buy the Jetta, and will use it as a doggy mobile. SB won't have a car for now. I think he's hating that already and it's been two days)

Saturday was my birthday, and Mummy and I spent the morning shopping at a street sale which was fun, except that my phone kept ringing every five seconds with either problems from our weekend employee or a client who I had "made myself available" for, and by "made myself available" I guess he thought that meant answer thirty phone calls in a day to get his travel status for his trip back to the city. We went home and had some downtime, and I thought I might have time for a little nap before dinner, but then the weekend girl called because she couldn't get into an apartment. I rushed over to see what the problem was and was able to get in in 2.7 seconds.

We arrived at dinner at 6:10 and were told it would be a three hour wait for our table of 8. I know that large parties are annoying for restaurants on a busy night. I know it's hard to estimate how long it will take. But people, if you don't take reservations, you need a better system than telling everyone "It'll be three hours" and hoping they walk out. I was almost in tears. This is my favorite restaurant, and my friends were on their way for 7 (in Emma-speak, though, that's 7:30-8), and it's my birthday and nothing is going right. Luckily, our favorite hostess was working, but just in the back, and she saw me and said she would look into it. We were seated at around 8:15 (**yes, I know, it's still 2 hours, but the rest of our party didn't arrive until about 8, so that's cool)

I don't even remember what we did on sunday right now. I think it was probably pretty fun. Or at least nothing broke that day.

Monday, started well, Mummy's last full day in town, so I tried to get all my work done in the morning so we could hang out later on. We picked up a rental car, since our employee was using our truck, and all the other cars are dead or dying. SB gets the Jetta to our mechanic so he can start repairing it. Get an email that my weekend girl is quitting.

We finished up Mummy's visit with a fun trip to the old Port for a nice dinner and caught a few Buskers.

So to recap:
1. Two cars died on Friday the 13th.
2. My birthday was almost a bust.
3. We lose another employee, albeit she has given us four weeks' notice, so hopefully we can make it work.
4. Poor Mummy barely had any fun her whole vacation.
5. Poor SB barely had any fun on his whole vacation - he's been "off" for two weeks - one of which his parents were here and he worked on the condo with his dad, some projects he had been planning. The second of which....he still wasn't done all the condo projects. And then two cars died. and then when he finally went back to work, he had to take the metro.

Ya, I think that's it. I think I should play the lotto this week, because good luck better be coming soon....

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